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Free Nematode Testing Program

At Certis Biologicals, we make it our top priority to protect our grower's crops. We've seen the harmful effects of nematode damage and that's why we're inviting you to participate in our FREE nematode testing program.

Nematodes: A Grower's Invisible Menace

Nematodes can cause long-term damage to yield and profits. While some nematodes can be helpful for plant growth, many nematodes, including the root-knot, burrowing, cyst, root lesion, false root-knot sting nematodes, and others can be detrimental to plant growth.

The symptoms of nematode damage vary depending on crop and location, but some common effects are yellowing of the plant, stunting, early wilting, and reduced yield. Regular testing and prevention methods can mitigate nematode damage before it affects crop yield and profits.

 Negative Effects of Nematodes:

  • Root damage

  • Weakens crop ability to cope with other pest like insects and bacterial and fungal damage

  • Cause yield loss due to root damage, which lowers crop revenue

  • All crops can be exposed to nematode damage, particularly: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, tomatoes, other F&V, permanent crops during root flush are especially susceptible.

Why Consider Nematode Testing?

Identify nematode infestation before damage is too severe, allowing for early treatment which can help to:

  •  Optimize crop production and profitability
  •  More uniform crop growth – helps individual plants get stronger
  •  More uniform plant maturity – improves market quality

What to Expect from a Nematode Test

After submitting the form below, you'll receive an email detailing the next steps in the process. Depending on the state you live in, you'll receive directions from one of two partner laboratories to send your soil sample to. The testing process will take about 2 weeks and your results will be delivered by a Certis Representative. From there, we'll be available to consult on the best course of action for treatment and management.

soil sample

Collect Soil Sample

Collect a soil sample and send it directly to our partner laboratory.

lab analysis

Laboratory Analysis

Our partner laboratory will perform an analysis to confirm the presence, type and relative abundance of nematodes.


Treatment Recommendations

We'll provide management recommendations & treatment options for implementation 

Your Privacy Is Top Priority

We're offering this program for your benefit and awareness. Your soil and results will not be shared outside of the lab and your Certis Biologicals representative.

Participate in our Free Nematode Testing Program

Submit your information below and we will send you a lab form based on your location. For any further questions, email your Certis Biologicals representative.